A picture of Usahana wearing a flower hairclip

Usahana (ウサハナ) is a young girl rabbit that likes summertime and dancing. She was released by Sanrio in 2009. Her birthday is August 7th.

About UsahanaEdit

Usahana is a very optimistic and bubbly girl that dreams of one day being a ballerina. She likes bright summer days, and whenever she hears music, she wants to dance.

Usahana AnimeEdit

Usahana - Yumemiru ballerina (ep

Usahana - Yumemiru ballerina (ep. 01)

The first episode of Usahana - Yumemiru Bellerina

Usahana - Yumemiru Ballerina is a short series that aired from October 2006 to December 2006. The series only has 7 episodes.

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